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Macro Scheduler FAQ

Q. How do I install the full Version? Do I install it over the Trial Version, or do I need to
uninstall the Trial Version, and then install the Full Version?

A. You can install the full version over the top of any existing version. However, seen the next question for something you need to be aware of!

Q. How do I get to keep all my scripts I've saved when I install a new/full version?

A. When you install a new version of Macro Scheduler, make sure as part of the install that when you get to the screen that asks "Full" or "Minimum" install, you always select "Minimum, as that will not overwrite any existing scripts that may be named the same as the sample ones that ship with Macro Scheduler trial versions.

Q. How can I send me script to someone else to run on their computer?

A. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Firstly, if the person you wish to send the script to has their own licensed copy of Macro Schdeuler then you can just send them the .scp file from your Macro Scheduler folder. When they receive it, then can then create a new macro, and import it from that file.

Secondly, and the easiest way, is if you have the Pro Edition, then you can click the Create an ExeCreate Exe toolbar button to turn your script into a stand-alone, royalty-free executable program that you can then send to anyone who has a similar setup that your script may work for! Note: When creating scripts for this purpose pay particular attention to detail as regards wait time values, and assumptions about window positions or names, they may not be the same on other people's computers.



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