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If you need to control different Windows computers/servers remotely, have Help Desk issues with users constantly changing things and creating a nightmare, then RAdmin is the fastest tool for the job!  RAdmin will let you remotely control (or just watch if you want ;-) and fix problems without even leaving your office!

Macro Scheduler 
Do you repeat the same steps or processes every day or each week? Macro Scheduler will let you record a script (or write your own from scratch) that is then editable in a textual format to automate virutally any windows task. And with our new Enterprise Developer version, you can compile these scripts into an .EXE and distribute just that, or host them directly on your intranet. Solve users problems, automate your own time consuming and repetitive tasks... Get on with the things that really need your talents to solve!

If you need a quick and simple backup process, BackupMagci may just be the answer to your needs.  It combines very flexible filters for including/excluding wildcard files with logging of actions to give you simplicty and peace of mind. Great for backuping a server, or making an end users life (and hence your own) easier. BackupMagic can solve many problems for everyone... sleep well tonight knowing the job is under control!


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