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Macro Scheduler Enterprise Developer Edition provides the following features:

  • Runtime license to allow unlimited distribution of macros.
  • The ability to create standalone executables (.exe files).
  • Secure Web deployment of macros on the company Intranet/Internet.
  • Macro Scheduler Pro Edition 7.1 for macro development.
  • Additional runtime/compiler documentation.
This edition of Macro Scheduler is ideally suited to enterprises for the easy deployment of macros across the organisation, or for developers wishing to supply macros with their projects.

Create standalone executables from your macros. Your script file simply becomes an .exe file which will run on any Windows PC without any runtime libraries.

Deploy macros via the Intranet/Internet, allowing end-users to execute macros on their machines with minimal preinstallation requirement and providing centralised, secure control of scripts. Domain level security means users can only execute scripts held on approved domains. Modifications and updates to macros will be recognised immediately, negating any need to modify the client machine.

Macro Scheduler Enterprise Developer Edition is available with an unlimited distribution license for compiled scripts and the runtime module for a once-only royalty-free fee of $AUD3,575.00. Please see the orders page for ordering information.

If you would like to receive further information please contact us.



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