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Why We're different...

All the tools on this site have been hand-picked to make your Network and Server management chores much easier and to boost your daily productivity. No duds allowed!

We also provide local FREE technical support forever. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'll do everything we can to help. And, speaking of help...

Remote Computer Control

Do your users create Help Desk nightmares by constantly changing things? Maybe you need to control multiple machines around the office, company or world from your desk. RAdmin lets you remotely control (or just watch if you want ;-) what they are doing. And... RAdmin is widely acknowledged as the fastest at what it does - controlling other computers. So get cracking - fix those problems without even leaving your office!

Windows Automation

Task repetition getting you down? Do you have to repeat the same steps or processes every day/week? Use Macro Scheduler to record a script (or write your own from scratch) automate virutally any windows task. It is then editable in very easy to read textual format.  With our new Pro version, you can compile these scripts into standalone .EXE's and distribute them for easier deployment. Automate your own time consuming and repetitive tasks... so you can get on with the things that really need your talents to solve!

With our Admin and automation tools, you'll get:

  • More hours in your day, 
  • More time to do the things you love doing, and...
  • Less hassles with your servers and networks!



I have personally reviewed and handpicked every tool we sell. They are guaranteed to make your PC/Network/Server management chores much easier - "No duds allowed!"

Whether it be tracking down disk space hogs, automating all those mundane tasks, managing your server disk space, or other Network devices, controlling remote computers, diagnosing Help Desk problems or just creating simple backups/mirrors of important data...

You'll find the tools you need here to ensure you get more done, in less time, with less stress - I personally guarantee it!

This is Tim
my personal guarantee

Tim Jones
Managing Director

  Hot News  

Macro Scheduler V10
Are you ready to boost productivity? Fed up with mundane repetition and complicated processes? Want to save time and reduce costs by automating your business? Save time, Save Money, Solve Problems and simplify your work with Macro Scheduler, our popular Windows Automation Software!

RAdmin - Remote Control Administration Software in Australia
Server@dminTools is now an authorised seller of the RAdmin line of Remote Administration Software tools in Australia - reseller enquiries welcome.

Macro Scheduler V7.1
Now includes arrays and subroutines. Macro group organisation and integrated debugging and Compile Scripts to Standalone Executables

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