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Remote Administrator - RAdmin

 RAdmin Single User $AUD 69.30

FREE Trial Version

 RAdmin Site Licence $AUD 1,510.30
 RAdmin Company Licence $AUD 7,510.80


RAdmin is widely known for it's speed. But there's a lot more to this remote control administration software package than just that! Cast your eye over these other key features... Or see how it works.

"Controlling and viewing a remote PC just got easier and faster thanks to Remote Administrator. This program lets you connect to any Windows NT or Windows 9x computer that's running the administrator program, to view or remotely control the desktop at an incredible speed over a LAN. Compared with other such programs, Remote Administrator is amazingly small and fast."
(from ZDnet review)


Radmin is the fastest remote control system on the market. Radmin outperforms every other remote control system, including PC Anywhere, Timbuktu, LapLink, Virtual Network Computing (an AT&T product) etc.
See our speed tests results.

RAdmin Viewer

We also have special discounted pricing for use in external Help Desk situations, see here for details.


  • Operating systems support: Win9x/Me/NT4.0/Win2k

  • Radmin server can work as a service under all supported operating systems, which allows you to logon and logoff a user remotely.

  • Supports multiple connections on both server and client sides.

  • Supports the controlling of multiple remote computers and the viewing of multiple sessions on one screen.

  • View modes include Full-Screen, Scaled and Windowed. Full-Screen mode lets you see the remote screen on the entire screen of your display.
    Scaled mode lets you see the scaled remote screen in a window with a user defined size.

  • Radmin uses a video hook kernel mode driver under Windows NT 4.0 to improve performance. This lets you work on a remote computer with an incredible 'real-time' update speed (hundreds of screen updates per second). The Win2000/XP compatible version of the driver will be included in the coming version of Radmin.

  • Transfers files to or from a remote computer. With Radmin you can easily drag and drop files via its Explorer-like interface.

  • Lets you remotely shutdown a computer without having to connect in remote screen mode.

  • Radmin server provides Telnet access to remote computers when its server runs on Windows NT.

  • Has multilanguage support using one file per language so it is not necessary to download and re-install Radmin for each language.

  • Supports Windows NT security so you can give the right to remotely control, remotely view, telnet and/or transfer files to specific users or user groups. If the user is logged on to a WinNT domain, Radmin Viewer uses the current username/password to authenticate.

  • Radmin uses a challenge-response password authentication method, based on 128 bit strong encryption — if Windows NT security support is switched off — to allow access to a remote computer.

  • 128 bit strong encryption is used to encrypt all data streams and it's optimized with a performance loss of only 5%.

  • Uses an IP filter so access to Radmin server is restricted to specified IP addresses and subnets.

  • Radmin supports High Resolution modes of up to 2048 X 2048 X 32bit color.

Other Features

  • Clipboard transfers to and from the server or host computers

  • Remote shutdown

  • 16 color (4 bits per pixel) network transfer mode

  • /stop command kills all running Radmin servers on the computer

  • Optional 'Incoming connection' dialog box on server side

  • Optional Tray icon on server side with computer IP address tip and current connection list. Tray icon changes its state when an active connection persists and a notification beeps when a user connects to the server.

  • Close connection dialog in viewer

  • Some useful registry settings for system administrators - disables some unnecessary server functions (telnet, file transfer, control, the possibility of changing server settings by a user, etc.)

  • Can send Ctrl-Alt-Del to a remote computer

  • Reduced network usage in minimized mode of the viewer's remote screen window.

  • Automatic disconnection of frozen remote screen connections

Radmin Security

A lot of attention was paid to security questions in the Radmin design. Here are some reasons Radmin operations are completely secure:

  • Radmin supports Windows NT/2000 user level security. You can give the right of remote control to a specific user or user group.

  • If Windows NT security support is switched off, access to a remote computer is controlled by password. Remote Administrator uses a challenge-response password authentication method similar to that used in Windows NT, but with more powerful security keys.

  • Remote Administrator works in encrypted mode where all data, screen images, mouse movement and keys are encrypted using 128 bit strong encryption with randomly generated keys.

  • Radmin server has a logging feature where all actions are written to the log file.

  • Radmin server has an IP filter table so access can be restricted to specified IP addresses and networks.

  • Radmin has a self-testing code defense that protects its code from being altered.

  • All algorithms used in Radmin are industry standard: TWOFISH, MD5

NOTE: If you normally purchase through a company approved reseller, please let them know that reseller enquiries welcome and to contact us for details.



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