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Radmin Speed Tests

Many users have asked us to compare WinVNC and Radmin. We are providing this comparison but the best way to evaluate Radmin is to download it, it's only 1.31 megs in size. The 30 day trial version is fully functional.

Features of Radmin vs WinVNC

Obviously from this table, Radmin is the winner over WinVNC in features supported. We are confident this superiority will continue as our engineers strive to improve the software. What the table does not show, however, is that Radmin is much easier to use. In fact, some WinVNC settings frighten even experienced Windows users. For many users, the most significant comparison is support. WinVNC gives no technical support, whereas Famatech delivers free e-mail support of Radmin and all future updates of Radmin are free of charge.

List of Main Features Radmin v2.1 WinVNC(3.3.3 R9)
 Run as a service Y Y
 128 bit strong encryption of all  data streams YES NO
 GDI hook (kernel mode) YES NO
 Multiple connections support Y Y
 Unlimited address book YES NO
 Print redirection N N
 File transfer YES NO
 Files upload/download resuming YES NO
 Delta file transfer and compression YES NO
 Files drag and drop YES NO
 Telnet server YES NO
 Windows NT security support YES NO
 Password protection Y Y
 Runs through routers/bridges Y Y
 IP filter Y Y
 Browse for hosts N N
 Host initiates Call N Yes
 Clipboard transfer Y Y
 Technical support YES NO
 Weight (installation pack) 1.3Mb 1.3Mb

Speed Comparisons

We performed two simple tests: dragging an icon over the desktop (the distance between the real cursor and the remote icon dragged) and minimizing/maximizing a window displaying a 200KB image. The results are shown in relative values.

Tests * Radmin WinVNC
 Dragging an icon over desktop 1 30
 Window minimized/maximized 1 2

* The speed tests were performed on an ethernet 10Mb LAN using the following systems:

  • Server:
    • OS: WindowsNT 4.0 Service pack 6
    • Screen: 800x600 65535 colors
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • CPU: Celeron 633 Mhz
    • Video: 4 MB Intel 810
  • Client:
    • OS: Windows 2000 Professional
    • Screen: 1024x768 65535 colors
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • CPU: Celeron 666MHz
    • Video: 32MB NVIDIA Riva TNT2



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