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Help Desk Licencing

This licence is for companies that provide remote support and Help Desk services to their clients. Each client needs to be registered for the server-only version of Radmin, but it's unreasonable to require each of your clients to purchase Radmin, therefore the Help Desk licence is employed.

This licencing option covers, at a reduced cost, a large number of client computers that do not belong to the Help Desk company. The price is a maximum of $AUD29.70 per client, based on the table below.

Number of licences
Price (per licence)
50-100 $AUD 29.70
101-200 $AUD 27.50
201-300 $AUD 25.30
301-500 $AUD 23.10
501-750 $AUD 22.00
750-1000 $AUD 20.90
1000+ Contact us

Note: 50 Help Desk licences is the minimum package. Purchasers of a Help Desk licence are also provided with one copy of the Radmin server installation package.

Help Desk licences cover only your customers' computers. Help Desk providers need to also purchase single licences or a site licence to cover their Tech Support PCs.

Help Desk licence Agreement


PURCHASER is granted the following limited rights:

a. A non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the server part of Radmin (Remote Administrator) for remote support and Help Desk.
b. One licence gives the right to install the server part of Remote Administrator on one computer.
c. All computers where Remote Administrator is installed should belong either to PURCHASER or its clients, providing that appropriate agreement for technical support is concluded.
d. All future versions of Remote Administrator server part can be used without any additional fees.
e. FAMATECH shall provide the PURCHASER with free e-mail support.


a. Modify the software partially or completely.
b. Decompile or reverse engineer the software, other than otherwise provided by local laws.
c. Refer the registration number to third parties.
d. Install the Remote Administrator on a number of computers exceeding that specified in the Agreement.

Should the PURCHASER fail to comply with any of the above-mentioned rights to use Remote Administrator would be automatically terminated. This termination will be in addition to any criminal, civil or other remedies.


This software, including its code, documentation, appearance, structure, and organization is an exclusive product of the Famatech LLC company, which retains the property rights to the software, its copies, modifications, or merged parts.



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