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Macro Scheduler V10 - Major New Release

MJT Net Ltd have recently released a major update to their do-it-all automation software tool for Windows.

  • Simple Record and Playback mechanism
  • Record Internet/Web based scripts with Web Recorder
  • Human readable scripts
  • Native, built in code editor
  • Native, built in Debugger with full variable tracking and code stepping
  • Full featured built-in scheduler
  • Native Database Access, without needing VBScript
  • Compile a script to an .EXE (executable program, give it to someone else to run who doesn't even have Macro Scheduler!) (Pro Version Only)
  • Custom Dialogs - Query any kind of data from the user.
    With WYSIWYG dialog builder.
  • AutoLogon Technology (Logs PC in if logged out/locked when script scheduled - NT,2K,XP Only)
  • Event triggers
  • Microsoft VBScript built in
  • Import 3rd party ActiveX/COM components, DLLs and access the Windows API
  • Support for Image Recognition and Automation of Graphical Objects & Non-Standard UIs
  • Context sensitive and fully documented command reference.
  • Beginners guide to help almost anyone get started
  • The ability to run macros remotely and on web servers (With msNet add-in)
  • A proven history from big business to home automation
  • Free, fast and responsive support
  • Demonstrable value for money

What can Macro Scheduler do?

The question should really be "What CAN'T it do?" for the possibilities are endless. Macro Scheduler is designed to automate ANY software process. Some examples of what people use this automation tool for include:

  • Eliminating Repetitive Data Entry
  • Automating Software Installations
  • Automating and Scheduling System & Network Tasks
  • Data Retrieval and Data Consolidation
  • Interfacing Multiple Incompatible Applications
  • Automating File Transfers and Internet Downloads
  • Screen Scraping - Screen Text Capture
  • Automating & Simpiflying ERP System Tasks
  • Automating Internet and Web Tasks
  • Automatically Replying to Emails
  • Extracting Data & Generating Reports
  • Automated Software & Web Testing
  • Batching Multiple Tasks Together
  • Monitoring Applications

If you can do it manually, Macro Scheduler can automate it!

With Macro Scheduler's amazingly rich, yet easy to master, scripting language, your imagination is the only limit.


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