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Below you will find some other products that we highly recommend:

  • If you're looking for the best text editor on the market today, you need look no further than Boxer for Windows. If your primary aim is to write or edit text, cut code for programming, or manipulate textual data, then you want the best editor for the job, and the best has just got better... check out Boxer today!
  • And speaking of writing... online writing, or at least writing on a computer implies the most valuable computing skill in this hectic internet age we live in; touch-typing. Valuable in that someone that can typing quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of mistakes will always get more done than someone that can't. Wouldn't you like to be able to churn through your daily computing tasks in much less time?

    How about actually leaving the office early for a change? If so, then simply the best touch typing tutor on the market today is TypingMaster. Check it out, and go home early for a change!

    TypingMaster even has built-in Networking capabilities for organisations to cope with the training demands of many staff at the same time, or spread over a structured course. Be it a JAVA based Intranet version, Windows based Network version, or even stand alone Laptops, there is a version right for every situation!

    The best touch typing tutor that I've ever seen, just got better too!

As and when we find more products that we think will benefit your computing experiences, we'll add them to this page. If you have a product you'd like us to consider adding, please drop us a line with details and we'll check it out.



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