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Macro Scheduler VBScript Usage

 Macro Scheduler Pro $AUD 244.20

FREE Trial Version

 Macro Scheduler Standard $AUD 110.00

Combines the power and ease of use of the Macro Scheduler script language with the popular Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition engine to provide complete and flexible automation of your applications.

By embedding blocks of VBScript code within Macro Scheduler scripts you can run VBScript subroutines and evaluate VBScript functions. Parameters can be passed into VBScript code, and the result of VBScript functions can be assigned to Macro Scheduler script variables.

VBScript provides a powerful subset of the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language. You can view a VBScript tutorial and Language Reference at

 VBScript Script in Editor   Macro Scheduler & VBScript provides the perfect way to access OLE servers, control Microsoft Office applications, and work with ODBC data sources. The VBScript language enhances the capabilities of Macro Scheduler and provides the perfect way to automate other applications, handle more powerful calculations and make enhanced decisions.

For further information please contact us, or to download the Macro Scheduler evaluation version with VBScript included, visit the download page.



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